Consolidated Containers

A specialised EximTrac service, we facilitate exports of multiple products in consolidated containers. It is extremely helpful for clients who frequently need multiple products in small quantities. Currently majority of our clients availing of our consolidated container services are from grocery and stationery sector and shopping markets willing to source directly.

Our segment mix is highly versatile and encompasses more than 200 brands. We also do brand repackaging at our end before shipping the goods if so required. Our ability to mix products across industries in one container adds high utility value to our services. Benefits of having Consolidated Containers.

  • Reduces Risk: Risk of Product failure and product damage gets distributed among the items.
  • Minimizes freight Cost: We can effectively mix heavy and light goods in proportionate ratio to take maximum advantage of the container space and payload capacity, thus reducing freight cost per unit
  • Flexibility: Consolidating multiple goods in one container helps the buyer to try out new products and at the same time carry on with the existing product portfolio. You can also adjust your product portfolio according to the demand in the market.
  • Gives Options to the buyer: The barrier of minimum quantity required for international shipments can be overcome by having it locally shipped and consolidate with other products.


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