About Us

At EximTrac, once a job is given, consider it done. Our confidence stems from the fact that we provide personalized attention to all our shipments & consignments. All our customers become our family and therefore their concerns become our primary tasks. The second generation leadership even recall stories of how their father often brought customers home and introduced them as friends and relatives and not as clients. It is this affection and friendship with all our clients that puts their faith in us. It also inspires us to ensure seamless trade and tension free environment for them; by way of providing them with excellent service even if it requires to go that extra mile.

Over the years we have continuously customized and expanded our export product portfolio as per the needs of our customers. They have asked and we have supplied. The tradition continues even today as we constantly strive to attend to all our customers' import needs. As we continue to add more and more products to our gamut, below is an exhaustive product list of products that we can safely call as our expertise.

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